How to Convert VCE files to PDF file

Do you want to convert your VCE files into PDF file ? If you want to convert your VCE files into PDF files now you can do it.
Why to convert VCE files into PDF file ?
VCE file is a visual exam suite file which is used to practice an online exam and it is almost like the real online exam scenario. You need to install VCE exam suite on your PC to open vce files on your PC, which you can read on my previous post. After converting your vce files into pdf file you will have the following advantages..
  • You don't need vce exam suite to open it. 
  • You can read your vce file as a book, since it is converted into a pdf file.
  • You can read your file on you mobile devices and tablets. 
How to convert VCE files into PDF file ?
  • First off all you need to download and install Visual CertExam Suite on your PC.
  • Now you have to install any PDF printers. I use PrimoPDF.
  • Open your VCE files in Visual CertExam Suite.
  • Go to file menu there you will find an option to print and click on the print menu.
  • Now you have to select PrimoPDF as the name of the printer and select your VCE file that you want to convert into PDF format.
  • Now we are on the final step, just click on create PDF and give your desired location.
  • You are done,, your VCE file is now converted to PDF.
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